Legacy Tree Trail Youth Workshop_Latta

We had a two hour workshop with local first and second graders on May 20, 2014. This event was filled with fun and learning all about trees! Take a look at this ten minute video full of pictures and video clips from the day.


Step 3: The Youth Workshop

Well ladies…we did it! We have checked off Step 3 in our journey to bring the Legacy Tree Trail to our community!!

I want to say a special thanks to the ladies that took time to be there this morning and help make the Youth Workshop a great success! Betty Allen, Dottie Brunson, Barbara Berry, Johnnie Luhers, Hepsy Parham, and Tina Henry. A special thank you goes to Dollie Morrell who helped make the workshop possible and helped get everything ready for the event!

 We had beautiful weather and beautiful children that loved learning about TREES! What a special blessing to watch their eyes light up when they talk about all of the fun they can have around trees. We were so fortunate to have Mr. Benton Henry (thanks to Tina ;)…) join us and take lots of wonderful photographs of the kids at the various activity stations. Krista Byrd also joined in the fun by videoing different portions of the workshop, while Vickie Kirby helped us with the Snack Station. I plan to piece some of these pictures and footage together to produce a short montage that we can post on this blog! I’ll be sure to share a few of the pictures as soon as I get the disc from Benton.  

We had around 50 children today that were full of beautiful art work, ideas and an appreciation for trees that is already starting to develop. We ended the workshop by listening to The Giving Tree and eating trail mix the children made. I am so excited about what this project is going to bring to the Latta Elementary School campus and this community! Thanks again to all of you special ladies that made this possible!!  On to Step 4 this fall, finding the money$$$!!!

Step 2 Update: Resolutions of Support

Our club has been diligently working through the second step of our project. We have been seeking Resolutions of Support from over 100 local and community businesses and organizations. We plan to complete the collection of these by the end of February. Support and interest for this project has been wonderful!

Coastal District Gathering

The Coastal District held a Fall Gathering in Conway recently, and I was fortunate to have some time to share with everyone the concept behind the Legacy Tree Trail. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm held by local club members about this, and I had several people talk with me directly about how they see this project working in their communities. How exciting!!!